Low background surfaces for biomolecule attachment

We have developed proprietary surface coating technologies optimized for a wide range of applications in biomedical research. These include 1) The ZeroBkg line of PEG or Dextran brush surfaces for biomolecule immobilization with exceptionally low background and optimal probe activity; 2) The FluidicArray technolgy for air-stable and fluid lipid membrane bilayer as cell membrane mimicking surfaces; 3) Other molecular coatings such as high density polylysine coatings, uniform silane monolayers, and a wide range of thiol self-assembled monolayers.

our newest technology, a new class of robust PEG surface coatings, can withstand harsh experimental conditions, such as high temperature (boiling) or highly acidic (pH as low as 2) for biomedical research.

These superior coating technologies are offered not only in standard formats, such as glass coverslips, glass slides, and silicon wafers, but also on a wide range of customer devices (sensors, microfluidics, AFM tips, etc.). What we do best is to customize a particular coating technology for optimal performance in specific customer applications. In the past ten years, these coating technologies have been the secrets behind the successes in hundreds of academic and institutional research labs and the launches of a number of bio-sensing products. 

Read our specific technology descriptions, application notes, or research publications from customers using our coating technologies. Please call us and discuss with our surface coating experts on your needs or "dreams". We want to be a partner in your next successful research or product venture.


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