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We offer three product lines: 1) ZeroBkg functional PEG or Dextran brush surfaces for biomolecule immobilization; 2) Air-stable membrane mimicking lipid bilayers; and 3) Other functional surfaces (silanes, thiols, polylysine, etc.)

Application Note Product type
A zero background surface is ideal for biophysical experiments, such as single molecule spectroscopy, biological atomic force microscopy, and as starting surfaces for bioconjugation .
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hydrophilic PEG or Dextran brush surfaces
PEG or Dextran surfaces
Covalent linking between a maleimide group and a sulfhydryl group is one of the most selective, facile, and convenient reactions in bioconjugation chemistry. We have now made this favorite reaction available on the ZeroBkg® surface.
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peg maleimide on coverslips
Maleimide surfaces
All functionalities are available for gold surfaces used in surface plasmon resonance (SPR) sensing. Either PEG brush or dextran base.
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spr sensor chips for biosensing
SPR sensor chips
This product comes either in the form of a biotin surface for activation with streptavidin or in the form of pre-adsorbed streptavidin. The PEG environment ensures exceptionally low background. Control streptavidin amount at the surface is important.
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immobilized streptavidin for biotin-tagged molecule attachment
Biotin surfaces
A protein molecule is linked to the surface only through the poly-His tag with controlled orientation but otherwise stays away from the surface as much as possible. This ensures protein activity of the native state. No sample pre-purification is needed.
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NTA-Ni for his-tagged protein linkage
Chelated Cu or Ni sufaces
The advantage of this surface is that it allows for very fast immobilization and the remaining chemical groups are easily washed off to expose the zero background PEG brush. Ideal for ultra-small quantities and crude tissue samples.
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stable NHS surface for amine containing molecule immobilization
NHS surfaces
The so-called "Click chemistry" is becoming one of the most reliable conjugation strategies in organic and biochemistry. One can easily link azide (-N3) functionalized molecules to the alkyne groups on the ZeroBkg® surface. The reaction is fast.
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click chemistry on a surface
Alkyne surfaces
We have turned silane coating, the "black magic", into a reproducible and quality controlled silane monolayer on a variety of material surfaces. Our customers have successfully applied the coatings for a broad range of applications, such as DNA combing.
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uniform silane for DNA combing
Silane surfaces
we have optimized the fabrication of polylysine coatings on glass, quartz, and other hydrophilic surfaces. Our polylysine coatings are homogeneous, stable, and reproducible, and present a high density of positive charge under physiological conditions.
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polylysine coating on coverslips
Polylysine surfaces
The latest ground breaking technology from MicroSurfaces: supported lipid bilayer, which remains fluidic after repeated exposure to air, drying, and rehydration. This allows easy fabrication of a variety of cell membrane mimicking microarrays from simple
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FluidArray for cell membrane and supported lipid bilayer
Air-stable FluidArray
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