"Our surface technologies help you turn your ideas into breakthrough results & your candidate library into drug leads."

  • ZeroBkg® PEG or dextran brush based functional surfaces for biomolecule immobilization.
  • Chemical functionalities on glass slides, coverslips, ITO, silicon wafers, mica, etc.
  • Functional gold surfaces for SPR sensing.
  • Air-stable & cell membrane-mimicking lipid bilayers.
  • Silane, polylysine, thiol, & other thin film coatings.
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How does one link a biomolecule to a solid surface? Thousands of customers have found answers to this question using our products in a wide range of applications, including: 1) Single molecule spectroscopy; 2) SPR sensing & other biosensing; 3) Protein, peptide, antibody, DNA microarrays; 4) Biophysical analysis, such as AFM, etc.; 5) Microfluidic channels; 6) Nanoparticles; 7) Surface patterning, etc.

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We provide customer coatings on surfaces of a variety of formats and sizes (flat surfaces, microfluidic channels, nano particles, micro beads, magnetic particles, etc) as well as on a variety of materials (glass, silicon, silica, Au, TiO2, ITO, etc.) and devices (SPR, QCM, and a variety of bio-sensors). If you need special coatings on a particular device or product, please call us to discuss your needs.

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